• Sire, Roll the Cash, is a black son of Dash for Cash
  • Three Bars shows on his 4-generation pedigree
  • Bred for a combination of speed and maneuverability
   Great Caesar's Ghost
   Black Colt, born 5/17/05


    Rocket Wrangler si 97
  Dash For Cash si 114 
 Sire  Find A Buyer TB
  Roll the Cash  
    Roulade TB
  Miss Jelly Roll  
    That's Kay
Great Caesar's Ghost   
   Bar Nine
  Marge's Easter Bar 
 Dam Texas Marge
 Easter Bar Abby  
   Seminole Charley
  Blue Law Abby 
   Leo Abby


This little guy is awesome! Hes the first of Abbys foals that has been born at home, and we like his personality so much. Hes more independent and autonomous than her other foals have been; we think that may be because hes been here from the very beginning, where Abby is a little more relaxed around her own people. Hes very friendly, both toward people and toward other horses. He and Doc have already become best buddies over the fence that separates their pastures.

His blaze is so special and unique! We would love to hear from you, telling us what you think it looks like. We think it looks like a ghost, or a spirit, that is pointing with an arm above his left eye. When he blinks his eye, the arm moves up and down, as though its waving!

Were not absolutely sure that hes going to remain black. He looked coal black when he was born, but now has some brown areas on his nose, and kind of a brown cast developing in the hair on his sides and belly. We might have to change his name to Mr. Brown. We also realize that he may eventually turn gray, like his Mom and older brother and sister. We think hell be gorgeous, in any case!