• Beautiful gray color; will probably look just like Abby!
  • Three Bars shows on her 4-generation pedigree
  • Bred for a combination of speed and maneuverability
    Abby’s Easy Effort
    2002 Gray Mare


    Raise Your Glass
  Special Effort 
 Sire  Go Effortlessly
 Flaunt Your Effort  
    Easy Jet
  Flaunt It 
    Flying Rockette
Abbys Easy Effort   
    Bar Nine
  Marge's Easter Bar 
 Dam  Texas Marge
 Easter Bar Abby  
    Seminole Charley
  Blue Law Abby 
    Leo Abby


“Sweetheart” is probably the word most often used to describe Easy. She’s a very personable horse. She’s often the first one to come over and say “hello,” and will happily stand and let you groom her as long as you have the time.

Easy’s sire, Flaunt Your Effort, has made his name primarily as a sire of barrel racing horses, and we think Easy would be a perfect candidate. Flaunt Your Effort’s owner, Steve Robinette, of Robinette Farms, in Hartville, Missouri, was a great help to us in our first experience of breeding a mare, and has continued to be a wonderful source of help and advice.

Easy is halter broken, and ready for the next step. She needs productive work!