• The “Iron Horse” who represents Iron Horse Ranch
  • Unusual Grulla color – one of my friends calls him “Mouse-Dun Grulla”
  • The Alpha of the herd

Grulla Gelding
  Grade - Early 20’s

Dutch was the one who started it all. He was our first horse! Liz bought him at some friends’ auction in 1998, and we wouldn’t take three times what we paid for him! He has taught us a good deal of what we know about horses.

His former owner named all of his animals after Arnold Schwarzenegger characters. Dutch is named for Dutch Schaeffer, Arnold’s character in the movie “Predator.”

Dutch is unregistered, so far as we know. We met some folks on a trail ride recently who think they may have bred him. If so, his mother was buckskin and his father was black.

He has great heart and spirit; can (and loves to) run all day. He hates to let another horse pass him!

He’s the best kind of Alpha personality; he leads the herd, and is intelligent enough to keep them out of trouble most of the time!