• Unusual color, dark red turning to gray, with same color mane and tail
  • Our fastest baby so far!
  • Gentle, easy-to-handle, laid-back personality
  Shezan Easy Chick
  Gray Filly, born 2/23/05


   Mitey Effort
  Mitey Easy Dash 
 Sire Belles and Bows
  Dashin Is Easy  
   Man In The Money
  Queenies Dash 
   Jetta O Toole
Shezan Easy Chick   
    Windy Ryon
  Ronas Ryon 
 Dam  Rona Bar
Ronas Quick Chick
  Quick Cash Bedago 
    Dash S Touch


Chicklet is Chickie’s first foal, and, as such, got kind of a rocky start in life, with a Mom who didn’t really know how to help her much at first. She has recovered nicely, however, and developed more of a “best friends” kind of relationship with Chickie. She’s growing like a weed, and is already very tall for her age.

We have been really surprised at the way her color has developed. Both her sire, Dashin Is Easy, and her Mom, Chickie, are dappled grays with black manes and tails. Both have dapples that give the effect of stars, or starbursts. We thought any offspring of theirs would be the same, but we don’t think Chicklet is going to look like them. She’ll definitely be a gray; in fact, she’s graying out earlier than any of our other gray babies have done, but she doesn’t have a black mane and tail, and her color is much more red than either of her parents.

We’d like to thank Martin Kautsch, D.V.M., and all of her friends at Quail Valley Veterinary Clinic, for all the great care they gave her in her first few days of life!